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Watertown Hunting Accident Attorneys

Statistically speaking, hunting in New York is considered one of the safer outdoor sports. But it can be a risky hobby simply because firearms are always nearby. A single misstep or slip of the trigger finger in the wilderness has the potential to cause life-threatening injuries with long-term consequences. When that happens, you may have grounds to sue for compensation.

Learn about your legal options by contacting the Law Offices of Scott C. Gottlieb & Associates, LLP. Our firm has three decades of experience handling personal injury claims, including those arising from hunting/firearms accidents. We understand the financial, physical and emotional toll that serious accidents can have on victims’ lives and are committed to obtaining monetary awards that can help restore their well-being.

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What You Should Know About New York Hunting Accidents

There are more than 700,000 hunters in New York with no shortage of firearms at their disposal. While undoubtedly most hunters do not intend to shoot anything but game, accidents can happen, often to members of the same hunting party. Although New York hunting accident reports recently reached record lows, trends in early 2011 suggested adverse hunting incidents are on the rise again.

Common causes of hunting / firearms accidents include:

  • Accidental discharge;
  • Unsafe handling;
  • Running or walking with a loaded firearm;
  • Placing or removing a loaded gun or rifle in a vehicle;
  • Shooting across roadways;
  • Firing near occupied areas and buildings;
  • Failing to engage the firearm’s “safety”;
  • Shooting at an unclear target;
  • Performing any awkward activities with a loaded weapon.

Generally, the shooter is held responsible in hunting accident cases, although there may be some instances in which the victim played a partial role in causing the mishap. Firearms accidents are often covered under homeowners’ insurance policies. Hunters can also obtain additional insurance through other organizations if they choose.

What to Do If You’ve Been Involved in a Hunting Accident

Obviously, your health comes above filing insurance claims and seeking out an attorney if you’ve been injured in a firearms accident. Seek medical attention first and worry about the legalities later. New York personal injury laws allow victims of accidents to make claims against the responsible party for up to three years after the incident. Minors who are victims of hunting accidents are entitled to a longer period of time. However, the sooner you contact an attorney, the more quickly they can act to preserve important evidence, interview witnesses and perform other investigations that may be more difficult to do once time has passed.

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